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Restorative Leadership

What does it mean to be a Restorative Leader? What are the qualities, behaviors and strategies for leading a Restorative Learning Community?  The Restorative Leader has deep personal insight into their own leadership style, and how their perspective and actions align with the principles of a restorative community.  Communication, vision, strategic planning for the transformation of the learning community are developed in this training.  Effective leaders provide direction, modeling and expectations to meet the instructional and social-emotional needs of the entire learning community.  Training as a Restorative Leader includes examining the framework of restorative practices, engaging in deep learning around building connections, restorative approaches to problem-solving, alternative solutions for addressing community conflict.  Restorative Leadership training includes both levels 1 and 2: Level 1: Foundations in Restorative Leadership and Level 2: Leading in Times of Change and Reform: Connections and Community Building. 

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