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Coaching and Mentoring

The process of coaching/mentoring includes setting goals, identifying areas for support or extensions of learning, discussing implementation successes or challenges, having a thought partner for working on a solution, or having a trusted advisor to improve practices.  Coaching/mentoring sessions will vary depending on the group size, the goals/purpose, and the amount of time available for the process.  When a group begins implementation of a new process such as the use of Restorative practices, it is common to find it useful to have facilitated conversations about the response to the language, routines, circles, reflections, and conversations. Restorative conferences should always include an opportunity for the team to debrief, and coaching is available if the team is interested.  


Coaching conversations are started by purposeful inquiry led by the facilitator, and then driven by the needs of the individual or group.  In large groups for implementation coaching, the expected cadence of coaching is monthly, and generally the anticipated topics would include early wins in the implementation, wonders/hesitations about the process or participant responses and questions for maintaining momentum and responding to new questions or situations.

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